Medintech Plus

Clean Sweep S coating. The inventive ingredients provide a superstrong and a wear- resistant protecting surface. It is so impressive and tough as the sparkling gem.

Unique colors

MEDINTECH PLUS's soft, tonal steps feature the 35 colors system. The flexible range of color optimizes color selections across our entire portfolio of commer- cial flooring product.


Enhance acoustics in open areas, and aesthetically define spaces. Ten standard flat panels in multiple sizes & shapes, included two new shapes. And custom shapes available.

Power of sound

When the acoustic wave approaches the measurement surface at an angle, the area is taken as the area times the projection of the wave direction upon the ceiling's surface.

Altro Transflor

Transit flooring offers passenger comfort and safety at the forefront of design and engineering. The transit flooring solutions incorporat- ing slip resistance for the life of your transport.

Customised design

We offer an inspirational setting for architects, specifiers and designers, as well as flooring and walling professionals, to see first hand our extensive product portfolio.

Safety Flooring

Our safety flooring affords a level of slip resistance that exceeds the latest regulations. It is frequently specified in the education, healthcare, gastronomy and leisure sectors.

Wall Cladding

Our Altro Whiterock wall cladding system provides watertight and seamless surfaces, perfect for areas that demand the highest standards of hygiene.


The AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside is a new generation building material that can be utilized to create long lasting structures offering advantages unobtainable to conventional construction materials.

for creativity

A lighter material than conventional construction enables more freedom for innovative design and easier construction.

Time Efficiency

With a 27% faster build time, a building constructed with Knauf wall systems can be rented out earlier, helping save money compared to constructing with brick and block.


With a better performance than brick and block when it comes to energy efficiency and production, the new generation of AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside offers a range of sustainability advantages.